quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2005

As estórias online 2005

A escolha anual do CyberJournalist.net

1. New sites tap into Google Maps to create new ways of conveying information
2. Tsunami: Citizen videos and photos help tell story (Even though it occured at the end of 2004, major traffic in 2005 makes it one of year's top stories)
3. Hurricane Katrina: TV, newspapers rely on Web to distribute information
4. Online missing persons lists play major role in disasters like tsunami, Hurricane Katrina
5. Citizen media initiatives sprout up across the world and news sites begin soliciting citizen photos regularly. Here is CyberJournalist.net's growing list of Citizen Media Initiatives.
6. RSS goes mainstream
7. Podcasting takes off
8. Story broken online wins Pulitzer. And then Pulitzers change rules to include online entries in all categories.
9. Wikipedia loses trust
10. Fake tsunami photos fool media

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